November 3, 2008

Olga & Kevin - 9.20.2008 - La Caille UT

Once, I found out I had a client named Olga, there was much anticipation of the shot of her holding a Holga covering the H...

GORKA! I heart Russian weddings. So many traditions and games that kept every one entertained and dancing until the very end. And did I mention it was like going to a rave/club with the music? I think even I was dancing at one point which is RARE. All the while chanting, GORKA! GORKA! GORKA! (which means 'bitter' in Russian so to make it sweet the bride and groom have to kiss)

You can view the whole event and order prints HERE.


Michael + Anna Costa Photographers said...

dude, the whole wedding looks amazing. awesome, awesome work. the color you're getting is ridiculous.

sharibug said...

I love all the pink. It is just amazing all of it.