November 10, 2008

Holly & Mario - 9.27.2008 - Orland CA

This wedding took place at Mario's parents house where he grew up. Obviously, they own a couple different vineyards of plums which obviously turn into prunes. The smell was absolutely amazing. There is something really special about getting married where you grew up and worked most of your life with the people you love.

Note to self, remember when you rent a Dodge Charger, they go faster than you think. Like 92 in a 65mph zone. I already have fulfilled the traffic school requirements for such the ticket :).

You can view the whole event and order prints HERE.


Megan said...

i think this is my favorite post of yours yet! amazing!

Kate said...

your work is amazing;
to me, it's the prime example of beautiful and meaningful photography.
i've been stalking your blog for a long time now, but this shoot was too breathtaking to not comment on. so
good work.
once i save enough money and find myself a honey, you'll be hearing from me.

Anonymous said...

What a sweet wedding and beautiful couple! I absolutely adore her dress.

Michelle said...

Those big wood boxes make the best background ever! That must have been one fun wedding to shoot...lucky you!

Anonymous said...

is that john quinones from abc news at the reception?

Molly W. said...


jasmine said...

you are an amazing photographer. i love all the happiness you captured at this wedding! i'm gonna have to remember your name for future reference. :)