July 3, 2008

Brion Hopkins

Much thanks to Brion Hopkins who came out to Curacao to assist me with the wedding. His Spanish opened up photo ops that would not have been possible without it. He is a GENIUS when it comes to lighting. Which would pretty much go without saying since he graduated from the best photography school in the nation, Brooks Institute. See you Aug in Malibu.


Brion just sent me some photos of which you get to see THIS.


Callie Canlas said...

i just checked out his site and homeboy knows how to light! and i'm always grateful for anyone who helps to keep my hubby out of trouble on these international trips...thanks brion!

Brion Hopkins said...

Anytime you need a babysitter call me! He's a great guy and I've heard many great things about you. Hopefully we can meet soon! Thanks for compliments! It was totally TUBULAR!

amanda said...

jon, that picture is so filipino to me for some reason. maybe it's cuz every pinoy boy i know has so much 'tude.

Anonymous said...