July 14, 2007

Alana & Deboro's Engagements

Alana was my 1st assistant way back in the day. All locations were hand picked by her. She has fantastic style and the wedding should be equally so.


P.S. said...

Amazing work Jon(athan)!!!
I have been glued to the computer all morning! The most important thing in our wedding is the photography and we feel honored/privileged/out-of-this-world lucky to have you shooting it. You are simply the best.

marta said...

simply stunning: the couple & the backdrops. what a darling couple! gorgeous shots.

Lorilee said...

Great work Johnathan... shooting someone at pretty as Alana would be fun and easy to catch the perfect photo.
I'm sad I will be missing the big day, but look forward to being apart of the wedding via your blog.