October 2, 2011

FILM IS NOT DEAD - Seattle - Day 2 - The Wilcox Family

Also known to some in the plural sense as The Wilcaix.

And that concludes Seattle 1.0!

As you read this, I am starting FILM IS NOT DEAD in Orem at my studio. This is the first time I've conducted it in my space. It is super exciting as the benefit of doing the workshop at my studio means we can go out and shoot and then come back and develop/scan and see results within an hour or 2. Awesome.

Interested in attending FILM IS NOT DEAD in 2012? There is one at my studio in Orem in April. Details can be found HERE. Or you can just drop me a line.

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AlliSMiles said...

Man, I love that top right one. Classic little boy pose.