July 27, 2009

Rachael & Eric - Sundance UT - 6.27.2009

Man alive I love weddings up at Sundance! It seriously is the coolest place to have a wedding in this state. And if you are wondering what 4 hours of coverage looks like, you are looking at it :).

You can view the whole event and order prints HERE.


Sarah Balderas said...

Beautifully shot, Jonathan - I always look forward to seeing your wedding blog posts. :)

Kyle and Lesley said...

simply amazing, as always. Makes me miss my home state

Riccis Valladares Photography said...

Way to rock this wedding, dude! Thanks for sharing :-)

Jonathan Canlas said...

sarah - more wedding posts coming soon!

lesley - where do you guys live now? will i be seeing you in oct? :)

riccis - readers, if you are not familiar with riccis valladres, stop what you are doing, copy and paste this url into a new browser:


everything is shot on film with leica's. which is amazing in and of itself.

thanks riccis for the kind words!

Leilani Bascom said...

Wow Jon - This wedding is exceptional!!! Every single photo has so much life!

Megan Bailey - Pink Piggy said...

Love this wedding and your work! Your attention to detail is so amazing!