July 29, 2009

Chinatown San Francisco Part 1 - FujiFilm Instax

Registration for Film is Not Dead V. 4.0 in Park City Oct 5th-7th is open. Email me for details.


Juste said...

Your photos me so impressed that i decided to take out my old zenit:)

Ryan said...

Just wondering if you knew or not, but the character in those Chinese hearts have a great meaning. You'll notice that the character is symmetrical. If you look at just one of the sides, you have the word happiness (xi), but when you put two together, it is a character that symbolizes the joy of two people being joined in marriage. The character is called "Shuang Xi," or a pair of happiness. That type of heart is a typical wedding gift or something seen at a wedding celebration.

By the way, I love your work.