May 28, 2009

Xango Commercial Shoot in AZ

Xango flew me down to Phoenix to photograph some of their distributors for the cover story of the next Go Magazine (See the last one I did HERE). Again, I flew with Dainon, and mass adventures ensued. Ranging from slow jazz music, midget hotel attendants, and desert oasis'.

I can't wait to see what they do with the layout of this all.

And to get geeky, all the color shots were shot on the Contax 645 with an 80mm on Fuji 400H and the b/w stuff was on the Lomo LC-A on a color neg black and white film.

You can view the whole event and order prints HERE.


Dainon. said...

If people don't make a mad rush to buy the print of the guy with the mustache, well, color me surprised.

grant olsen said...


Dainon. said...

Oh, and it's XanGo, just so you know. Ha.