July 31, 2008

Crystal & Jimmy - 6.27.2008 - Curacao

This is the first time I've ever been to Curacao. I did not know it even existed until they called asking if I was willing to travel there. I almost asked them what part of California Curacao was in :).

Now time for the Thank you's. First and most importantly, a big THANK YOU to Heather Waraksa, who to this day I have yet to meet, who referred me over to them. Secondly, much thanks to Crystal & Jimmy for having me out and for having such a great wedding. And finally a big shout out to my friend Brion Hopkins who flew all the way from LA to come and hang and shoot.

In less than a week, I get on a plane to go shoot the 3rd international destination wedding of the year for Nicole & Ian's tea ceremony in France.

You can view the whole event and order prints HERE.


Crystal and Jimmy said...

ALL the pictures are beautiful! Thanks Jonathan for capturing our wedding in Curacao on film for US, our Family and our Friends to cherish. :)

allison said...

this wedding is awesome with a capitol A.

that last shot... is a-maz-ing. I can't get over it.

Rebekah said...


I genuinely adore your work. No tricks, no "actions", no funkadelic poses or angles. Just damn good photography.

I love the emotions you've caught in so many pictures. The details, the bride and groom shots.

It all just screams your style. And it's beautiful!

Jonathan Canlas said...

Crystal & Jimmy - Thank you again for having me out. What a blast it was. And obviously, by the dancing shots, everyone can tell how freaking awesome it was to be there...

Allison - Ok, so that last shot, 30 second exposure! First time EVER. Brion Hopkins was with me and he was like, lets shoot F/8...I was like, uh, its PITCH BLACK outside! He had his 5D and did a test shot to show me and it BLEW MY MIND. So, he can do it on digital, I tried it on film...AND IT WORKED!!! Thanks Mr. Hopkins.

Rebekah - wurd to the thurd. wurd.

Jonathan Canlas said...

And Rebekah, one more thing, I will admit this and I think it is to a fault for me but I can not see past my viewfinder. It really boggles my mind all the pre-visualization other digital folks do who do use the "actions" etc. Everything I do is so deliberate. I can't just take a photo and think, ah, I'll fix that later. Just can't, and again, it might be to a fault.

Paul Gero said...


great stuff...as per your usual..

glad you got the blog working again...i had canlas blog withdrawl ;-)!



Brion Hopkins said...

Dollar, Dollar, Dollar! Dude, you killed that wedding! Great couple and thanks again for letting me hang! You did a mind blowing job my friend!

Rebekah said...

I think it's a strength! To not see past the viewfinder....to "get the shot" in literally ONE shot.

That's awesome!