May 1, 2008

In the news...

I posted this video a while back so, I apologize if it is a bit redundant. HOWEVER, my designer, Cole, who is currently in the works of giving me a face lift and responsible for the design of the Film is Not Dead website and workbook, and my brother in law Micah, won what is called a Pencil for this piece at The One Show out in NYC. They are getting on a plane (sometime soon) to go out to there are receive this "Pencil", which apparently is a big deal in the design world. Cole (along with some other folks, but mostly Cole) did the video piece and Micah did the music. It truly is a perfect representation of the evolution of font in people's lives and the music is perfect in every way. Congrats guys.

In other news, I am getting on a plane in a couple of hours to head out to San Diego for Bri and Adam's wedding. We had full plans of heading down to TJ like I always do when I go to San Diego to do some personal work. However, due to the recent activity in TJ and from some sound advice from my friend Paul Gero, I think we will just go to La Jolla/Old Town instead.

Next week expect blog posts from the infamous Riviera Maya wedding, an engagement session that was supposed to happen at the salt flats but ended in Provo due to us running AWAY from storm clouds, another YourHeartOut assignment, a family session, a church activity Mother-Daughter night, a bridal session and POSSIBLY the Dallas wedding (but I make no promises). Yes, wedding season is in full swing.

In weather news, I got up this morning around 6am to put the trash cans out and found about a half inch of snow all over the ground. It is May. If anyone has seen Spring or Summer for that matter, tell them they are late for work.

This has been a Jonathan Canlas report, signing out (and back to some last minute packing).


allison said...

that video is pretty spectacular.

Kate Benson said...

You are the best!

Paul Gero said...

well, there won't be snow in la jolla!!

have a safe trip!


aimee heff said...

I remember you showing this video and I was smitten. In my graduate program we study the family life cycle in deep detail and this was an amazing visualization of it. It is brilliant, really.

The craziest part is that Cole went to my high school and was in seminary with me. His sister and my brother just went to Hawaii together. Small world? Yes, yes indeed.

sharibug said...

Jon you are one amazing dude. Cole and Mica are really on their way. Kudo's to both of them. Dad would be so proud of you as I am. Love, mom.