February 4, 2008

People who amaze me...

I was down at my designer's, Cole Nielsen, working on the layout of the workbook for the upcoming workshop and he asked if I had seen his colaboration with my brother in law for a typography film festival. I had not. So he proceeded to show me the clip.
After I lifted my jaw off the floor, I realized I am so blessed to be surrounded by such talented people who are just insanely gifted.

I hope this knocks your socks off. The marriage of type, music and imagery is near perfection.

Cole created the concept and execution of the video and Micah did the music.


ed pingol said...


truly jaw dropping. i LOVE typography and know how long it takes to set a design on paper, but putting it in a video and animating it is just unbelievable. seriously... i can't imagine how much work was put in to this video.

truly breathtaking. MAJOR KUDOS!!!

john, please personally pat cole and micah's back and tell them "great job" for me.


Lucky Red Hen said...


sharibug said...

I could not believe how amazing that was. Really a jaw dropper and you know a ton of work. Way to go Mica and Cole. Mom

cole said...

Cole (and a *bunch* of other people) created the concept and execution of the video…
There's no way i can take sole credit for that.
thanks though.