June 5, 2007

Who knew Cabela's was so awesome?

Remember a couple months back when I said my friend Seth was in town?

Well, July 10th, the new Interpol album drops with this image that Seth shot up at Cabelas while he was here. It was all hush hush. Can you imagine the possible chaos if such info had leaked? NEWSFLASH!!! Interpol shooting new album cover at Cabelas! Come and get free jerky and taxidermy services 15% off! Free buckshot to the first 50 people!!! Awesome.

Cabelas, people, Cabelas.

Seth, you blow my mind.

Backstory...the images put in the Interpol album were shot at the Natural History Museum in Los Angeles. They initially wanted to do the shoot at the one in NYC (being a band from NYC) but no dice as the museum would not budge on giving them a permit to shoot there. 5K later a permit was issued for the one in LA. Cabellas signed a release allowing the shoot to be there. There is another album by another great band that has a similar photo on the cover and I am pretty sure its going to come back and bite them in the butt as the permit was probably not received to shoot there let alone use their image on a record album cover...sticky.


Anonymous said...

I think you are meaning Cabelas

Jonathan Canlas said...


veeda said...

this hush hush info is awesome. This little local tid bit makes me want the new album all much more.