April 17, 2017

Colby's Life Celebration

I traveled to Charlotte NC last year to cover the life celebration of Colby Young, son of Kristin and Bryant Young. I don't know the words to write but it is a humbling experience to be in a church full of 800+ people all there because of the tremendous life and influence this young man had. There wasn't a dry eye in the room. This video tells his story better than I ever could.

Colby's Story from Glenn Vasko on Vimeo.

Here's to #teamcolby and to living every day to it's fullest.

Mahalo Young family, for trusting me, and for allowing me to do this for you.


Wale said...

what an amazing story. and your pictures, as always, are incredible. [i want to shoot film]

AllisonK said...

Beautiful! Simply beautiful.
What strength and love in this family.