January 21, 2017

Dec 7th 2016 - Pearl Harbor

My coverage of the 75 commemoration of the attack on Pearl Harbor. I've been covering this for the last 5 years now. I'm not hired by some agency, but out of my own desire to have the opportunity to take a portrait of what I feel are national treasures : the veterans from Pearl Harbor and WWII.

I was really surprised at how many veterans and familiar faces I saw there that day. They had traveled from all over the globe to attend this historic 75th commemoration. After covering this for 5 years, I know many of their faces, though sadly, I don't know most of their names (the name badges they wear do help a ton). I will keep covering this every year until they stop doing it. I never served in the military but I feel this is my way of not only documenting history, but giving back. Every year, I deliver a 100 page 12x12 album from Artifact Uprising to one of the veterans of Pearl Harbor.

A huge thank you to Cait Schlabach for assisting me that day and for having DOD access :).

You can view all the images I took from this event online HERE.

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