August 1, 2016

Magnus & Crew

Man alive this session. So first, I flew to Maui for a day trip as Trish had contacted me about availability. So off I went. I took a couple hours to head to the top of Haleakala and took some of the best "Hawaii" photos I've done in a long time. Then head down to Kula (early, I'm always early), and started the session. The dad, who I will refer to as "Magnus" (his name is Gavin, but I spaced it and somehow Magnus came out, and to this day, I think they still call him Magnus now!), was a bit apprehensive. You know the dad, the one who always blinks, does not want to be in photos. Well, I pulled out every trick in the book and by the end, somehow he had taken his shirt off and agreed to take some photos which are some of the BEST in the whole session. Long story short, it was an amazing day, an amazing session, and those oranges seen with the bamboo, they sent me home with like a 15 lbs bag which I ate on the side of the road watching the sunset (almost all of them, almost).

Thanks again Trish for having me out. It is always a honor to be asked to photograph another photographer. And thanks Magnus for trusting me and not punching me when I called you Magnus.

Looking to get your family in front of my lens? Drop me a line.

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