April 6, 2015

Kodak Ektar rated at 800 and pushed 3 stops

So, I decided to push Ektar 2 stops a while back because I was running out of Kodak E100VS which I love cross processed. Ektar, when shot at box speed, is pretty saturated and red. Everything I knew about pushing film lead me to believe that if I pushed it, it would look like my E100VS cross processed, or at least close to it. Well, the results were far from what I thought. So then I took it another step and shot Ektar at 800 and then pushed 3 stops in development. And these are the results. Dev/scanned by theFINDlab.


Mike said...

Sorry to be the one to ask this but, after rating at 800 do you still meter the same (for shadow and then over expose 1-2 stops)(or do you shoot it at the rated speed with no adjusting). I once saw where you said you metered for highlight with this film...? If that is true do you make any adjustments after metering (over or under)?

Nate said...

I'm wondering the same thing as you Mike! Bulb out and pointed at the main light source? Straight ahead? At the camera? Maybe I just need to go run some tests... :)

Pawel said...

You would meter bulb in towards the camera or 90 degrees, with Ektar if you want this look. No angles. Set your meter to 800 and tell your lab push 2 in dev.