September 2, 2014


There are 4 FILM IS NOT DEAD workshops left of which 2 are CONUS.

Charlotte NC Sept 16th-18th
Park Cuty UT Sept 30 - Oct 2nd
Laie HI Nov 11th-13th
Perth Australia Dec 5th-7th

If you are even remotely considering attending, drop me a line. As after these 4 dates, it all comes to an end.

Snag one of the last spot online HERE.

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Elise Hanna said...

Brilliant. I know I always say that, but I went from a little heartbroken with the mass of street kids that are hard to overlook in Portland, despite it's beauty and awesomeness, to this magical high of family and light and wow and just wow. You continually inspire me. I can't believe FIND is coming to an end, I feel like it should be just beginning. You have a whole world yet to effect Jon.