June 24, 2014


Montauk was incredible. The weather was not what I expected it to be as every time I've ever been out that way, it was super sunny, warm and full of everything spring. But the fog this time around really brought a new light to the place that I actually ended up preferring.

If you are interested at all in attending FILM IS NOT DEAD, it is coming to an end this year and spaces are almost all filled up. I have 1 spot left for San Diego in July, 1 spot left for Denver in Aug, 3 spots left for Charlotte in Sept, 1 spot left for Park City in Sept/Oct and 5 spots left for Oahu in Nov. That means there are 11 spots left for FIND until it is gone. More info can be found HERE or snag a spot online HERE.

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sarah black said...

These are seriously incredible Jonathan. Such an inspiration, you are. :)