March 17, 2014


Last month I traveled to England one last time for FILM IS NOT DEAD in Brighton. And these are the results :)

The workshop FILM IS NOT DEAD is wrapping up in 2014. There are 7 more dates/chances to attend until it all comes to an end in Nov. So if you have been interested in attending FILM IS NOT DEAD here are your chances :

Montauk NY - Apr 29th - May 1st
Portland OR - Jun 10th -12th
San Diego CA - July 15th -17th
Denver CO - Aug 19th - 21st
Charlotte NC - Sept 16th - 18th
Park City UT - Sept 30th - Oct 2nd
Oahu HI - Nov 11th - 13th

All the details can be found HERE.

And as a side note, the one in Park City is like no other workshop as we'll actually head over to theFINDlab and you'll have a chance to get your hands wet (not literally) as you get to develop/scan your film you shot and see immediate results. And the one in Oahu? Well expect something beyond epic as it will all go out with a BANG :).

You can snag a spot online HERE.

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rorym. said...

I cannot tell you how inspired I am by your photographs; i just made a post about your photos on my blog!
thank you so much for posting your work