February 4, 2014


This was all shot at FIND Miami this last Dec over 4 days. For those of you not familiar with how FIND runs, on day 1, after we cover EVERYTHING film, we have a couple couples come in and pose as "bride and groom"/"engaged couples" where we go over how I pose/direct/interact with wedding clients etc. Then on day 2, after talking about families and my approach to story telling at weddings, we have some families come in and hopefully #HOPEFULLY I can show the attendees how I take mass chaos and turn it absolute beauty #MISSIONACCOMPLISHED. Most of the people who come and model for us are actual photographers themselves. It is really interesting to get them BEHIND the lens as they are so used to being BEHIND it. Each of the shoot with either the couple of families takes about 10-15 minutes, and as you can see, 15 minutes is all I need :). Then, finally, on day 3, after I cram a ton of business info in about Instaproofs, getting published, and the power of social media, we go out into the city and shoot some personal work. The whole point is to go out and to come back with a body of work that says YOU. Not Jonathan Canlas, images that reflect YOUR voice. That is the whole point of this workshop, to put film in people's hands, slow them down, and make them FIND their own voice.

If you are considering coming to FIND, 2014 is your last chance to do it. Dates and cities can be found HERE. And just an FYI, each city left this year is at least over half way full...

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Hannah Mayo said...

So awesome Jon; it really cool to see it all through your eyes. That was such an incredible week—thank you so much for everything.