January 31, 2014

2013 : A year in review

I know I'm late to the game posting my 2013 year in review. I went back and forth about weather to post it or not, but sitting down and actually reviewing my work over the last year was really therapeutic in a way.

2013 was definitely an amazing year full of travel, change, family, and most importantly, love. In May, our family of 9 (me, Callie, the 6 kids and my mom, who we take care of) moved from Lehi, UT where we called home for the last 8 years, to Hauula, HI. where we now call home. I was here in Hauula in March for a workshop and then shooting a project with no intentions of moving here. I even ended up taking photos on the road I moved on to without even knowing it at the time. 1.5 short months later, we pulled up roots and planted them back down here in Hauula. It by far has been the best decision of 2013 if not my adult life.

Even with the move, it was no surprise about 2013 in terms of travel. I went to Los Angeles, New Zealand, Hawaii (before we even lived here), Austin, DC, San Fran, Australia, Tahoe, Canada, Minneapolis, Kansas City, Seattle, Maine, the UK, New Orleans, and Miami.

2014 has a handful of travel on the docket as well for the FILM IS NOT DEAD workshop.

However, after this year, I plan on making a HUGE change. The biggest change will be after Nov. where the workshop known as FILM IS NOT DEAD will come to an end. I will still do FILM IS NOT DEAD, but after Nov of this year, it will only be happening here on Oahu 1-2 times a year. If you are interested in attending FIND, there are only seven opportunities/cities left to do so. It will be headed to :

Montauk NY | Apr 29 - May 1st
Portland OR | June 10th - 12th
San Diego CA |July 15th - 17th
Denver CO | Aug 19th - 21st
Charlotte NC | Sept 16th - 18th
Park City UT | Sept 30th - Oct 2nd
North Shore of Oahu | Nov 11th - 13th

All info/411 can be found HERE.

A huge mahalo nui loa to all my friends, family and clients that trusted me this past year to document them in any capacity. And a to you the reader/viewer/random passer-by-er, thanks for your support.

2014 is looking quite promising not because of what is already on the books, but because it has been decided. 2014 is going to be a year full of this :

HAPPY (if it is not a rather large dude around 4:16pm dancing then scroll forward - or settle with the video below).

So here's to 2014. A year where the possibilities seem endless...


Wesley Nulens said...

So good man! So freaking good!

Unknown said...

So amazingly good and inspiring!

Unknown said...

Love every single thing about this post.

ellen said...

Amazing as usual. I want to go buy some film!