December 24, 2013

Hannah Nicole

I met Hannah this past Sept out at FILM IS NOT DEAD Minneapolis. She is a whopping 17 years old and contains more talent in her left pinkie than I have in my whole body and left over cut fingernails. I am not much of a "senior portraits" kind of guy, but when she asked me to take a couple shots I did not pass up the opportunity. She is going places. Places I could never imagine and it is incredible. She inspired me beyond belief and made me really want to work harder at what it is that I do. So thank you Hannah. Now, check out her work HERE.


Meredith Sledge said...

Hannah is wicked talented. It is so exciting to know the things she's doing at 17. CRAZYYYY. Love these shots of her!

Hannah said...

I love these, Jon. Feel very "me." Thank you for EVERYTHING. Love to you and your fam. :)