November 20, 2013

Brandcamp May 27th-29th 2014

Forget what you know about photography conferences/workshops. This one is so polar opposite of the norm. It is seriously incredible. How so? Here are my top 10 reasons

1. no sponsors (people are not trying to schlep you stuff!)
2. it is an actual SUMMER CAMP (held HERE)
3. it will actually help entrepreneurs learn about doing business more lovingly and profitably without being bored to tears
4. it has an eternal s'mores flame
5. sunrise ferris wheel rides
6. above and beyond the three days (May 27-29th 2014), there are 9 months of continuing master classes (hello!!!)
7. it includes accommodations yo
8. forget that I'm speaking at this, check out this lineup!!!
9. no cell phones. well, there is a 10 minute period where you get to connect, but otherwise, rumor has it if you get caught on your cell phone, there is a $10 ass-hat fine and said fines get donated to charity :)
10. it's 1000000x better than wppi (there I said it)

Registration begins TODAY at 2pm EST and is open for a whopping 72 hours. Yep, 72 hours.

If you want more info, or even a better list than above to convince someone to make this happen, there is a list right HERE.

Hopefully, I'll see some of you this summer at what is forming up to be the best summer camp EVER.

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