January 11, 2013

Mexico through my eyes

I've switched things up at my FILM IS NOT DEAD workshop a bit. We used to shoot "engaged couples" on the first day and then "bride and grooms" on the last day. Well, I've consolidated the first day to have both of those shoot freeing up the last day for people to go out and shoot personal work. If you know me I shoot personal work, A LOT. It is absolutely key for any photographer in mastering their craft (or at least getting closer to it) and refining their voice or vision.

I could have spent a whole month down there shooting...but alas, here is like 3 days worth :).

Get a print for your wall HERE.


Tiana Simpson Photography said...

These are gorgeous!

Jade Sheldon said...

Wow. I'm just in love with all the color.

Rachel Havel said...

This series is my favorite! Why does mexico have the best colors?!