November 20, 2012

Win a free shoot with me @ FIND New Zealand (Queenstown)

So, last month Kristen and I did a little giveaway for FIND 2.0 in Oahu. And I'm doing the same giveaway for FILM IS NOT DEAD New Zealand (Queenstown)!

What is this giveaway you ask? THIS ONE :

If you sign up for FILM IS NOT DEAD New Zealand (Feb 5th-7th 2013) by Dec 1st, you'll get a free mini session with me including a disc of the images shot (valued @ $1000).

A mini session? What is that? It is me, plus you & possibly your better half and 15 minutes or so of me shooting you in the face. I also promise not to wear shoes so you can get more of an authentic Hobbit experience ie: my hobbit feet.

Wait, wait, wait...15 minutes? Really? I mean, c'mon Jon Canlas, what can I really expect out of 15 minutes?

I'm glad you asked. Members of the jury, allow me to bring forward the following evidence : Exhibit A, Exhibit B, Exhibit C, Article D, Article E, Specimen F, Specimen G, Thing H, Thing I, Article J, Specimen K, Thing L, Chunk M, Chunk N, Chunk O, Doohab P, Doohab Q, Doohab R, Line S, Line T, Line U, Paragraph V, Paragraph W, Paragraph X, Segment Y, Segment Z...shall I go on?

To sign up for FILM IS NOT DEAD New Zealand, CLICK HERE.

And if you are joining us for the first time and have no idea what FILM IS NOT DEAD is, catch up on all the info HERE. Again, this promo ends Dec 1st!!!

And if the shoot is not incentive enough to get your can to NEW ZEALAND, I SWEAR I'll dance and sing this word for word for/with you :

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