November 27, 2012

Barcelona on a Yashica Mat 124-G

I traveled light on this trip. Brought my Contax with an 80mm lens and my Leica with the 15mm 4.5 Voigtlander lens. Well, once we landed, we got onto the train and I went to load my Contax and I had forgotten the insert. Which means, the camera could not take film, in anyway. So, I borrowed a Yashica Mat 124-G from my good friend Albert and shot a couple days on that camera. It had been a while since I used that camera, but I loved how simple it was and straight forward. Next time, I'll check my Contax for sure, but I did not really mind this mistake.


Michael Wachniak said...

these are badass, yo! I've only done one or two walkabouts with a 6x6... it really made me think. These are amazing. thanks for sharing dude!

Brisbane wedding hair said...

Glad to see you avoided putting any shots of the ubiquitous Las Ramblas or any Gaudi stuff.

Anonymous said...

Great! I took my Yashica 124 G everytime I go to Spain! If you like take a look here

All 6x6 are taken with the Yashica!

Love your work!


Anonymous said...

Great work! Love it! I take my Yashica 124 G every time with me when I visit Spain! If you like take a look on my site

Keep it up!