October 9, 2012

Family Vacation to Oceanside, CA

Take during a family tripe with my wife and three oldest to Oceanside, CA. It's funny to realize that going to anything that ends in "land" or "park" just ends up being a huge waste of money when the kids love going to the beach more and well, that's free :).

Taken on a Mamiya RZ Pro II with a 110mm lens on Kodak Portra 400VC.

Developed and masterfully scanned by the fine folks in Australia at RAW DIGITAL LAB.

Get a print for your wall HERE.


Emily said...

So true about the "land"s and "park"s. Love the pictures and the layout.

Elisa said...

Man, oh man. These are amazing. At a loss for words...once again. I want images exactly like this of my family.

Tracee Breeze said...

Geez Jon, I love your work.