September 4, 2012

Fuji GA645 - Car Show in Lehi, UT

There was a car show at Thanksgiving Point (my backyard). Took the kids and the Fuji GA645. I was a bit more interested in the people than the cars. Social commentary aside, this was shot on Kodak Portra 160NC rated at 80iso, shot on M mode with the pop up flash on.


ellen said...

My family had an orange VW bus growing up. I love that car!

Erwin Calverley said...

It’s so fun to look at the photos! It’s cool that you focused on people. They provide the variety. But the thing I couldn’t let pass are the classic vans. They actually just have the usual white-over-another-color palette, but they are still pleasing to the eyes. Maybe because most of them were the original paint, signifying that vintage life they hold.