September 17, 2012

FIND 2.0 - Business Workshop in Portland

This past June, Kristen Kalp (the co-author of FILM IS NOT DEAD : A Digital Photographer's Guide to Shooting Film) and I did a workshop out in Portland, OR. It was called FIND 2.0. It had nothing really to do with shooting film, but everything to do about running a viable business weather you shot film or not. We covered marketing, pricing, finding your clients and cultivating your clients, pretty much every mistake I made from day 1 until present (yep, I've made TONS), and the Kristen got people in the "hot seat" and solved more than just business problems.

FIND 2.0 is happening 1 more time next year. On the sunny island of Oahu. A great place for a business retreat. Email me for details.

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