June 11, 2012

Life on a Fuji GA645

I traded somebody for this camera. I was super intrigued as 1. it is medium format 2. it has an on camera flash 3. it is completely automated as it is a point and shoot camera and 4. it is a range finder (what you see is not what you get). Basically, this is everything I wanted the Contax G2 to be but in medium format. It has a fixed 60mm lens (35mm on full fram dslr). And even though it is super automatic, there are manual settings on this camera which is how I shot this set of images. This is the first results back. I'm excited to use some of this camera at weddings/events with the flash. It has a unique look for sure. Just mixin it up. It is really great, compact go to/carry around with you camera.

It is my conclusion that Fuji made the most amazing film cameras. I own 3 of them (GF670, GX680, GA645, and I even had the GW690). Sadly, they make them no more.


Paul said...

they look great Jonathan...what amazes me is how much time and money that fuji must obviously spend in R & D on these cameras and then they are so quick to abandon them...the 680 lasted probably the longest...but sheesh, you'd think they'd use them as a way to get people to buy the film...heck, lower the price and use them like canon and epson do with the inkjet printers....the printers are cheap it's the crystal meth...er, ink where the profit is...


Joel Han said...

this is wonderful! quick question: are these done by built-in flash? i just got myself a ga645 as well and I typically do flash photography..I was worried if the flash would be powerful enough!