June 27, 2012

FIND Hawtlanta - My Peeps

Oh, Hawtlanta. We stayed at this house called the "House of Integrity". It was decked out in nothing less than what we called "Obama chick" Absolutely amazing in every way even that Murder Kroger we shopped at. A huge thank you to Zack Arais for letting us use his studio. And to Dan Depew for being the hostess with the mostest. And to all my Hawtlanta peeps, thanks for making that week nothing short of amazing.

Interested in attending FILM IS NOT DEAD? All the info can be found HERE.

1 comment:

Carlos Bruno said...

ZacH Arias ... I knew I know that beard!!!!
HE has that pigeon tattooed on the arm, right?
(hehehehe ... NOW he's gonna kill me)