May 2, 2012

Pinewood Derby - FP-3000b

Isaac's first Pinewood Derby. He won maybe 3 of the 18 heats he raced in. But it did not matter. Fun was had by all :).


Anthony said...

Hey Jon! Just curious, are you flip in the back & only pulling the dark slide half way on these? It doesn't look like you pit the verticals together in post... You just got me wondering. Fantastic work as always & BTW I loved your book!

Jonathan Canlas said...

anthony, it is an arca swiss sliding polaroid back that i use on my rz pro ii. it takes 2 photos on 1 sheet of pack film (fp3000b in this case). i take one shot, then slide the back and take another. it was modified by mitch issel to be full frame. they are super rare...i've never seen one come up and i paid a pretty penny for this guy...