April 23, 2012

Webelos Den Leader - FUJI FP-3000B

So, I recently got asked to be a Webelos den leader. And yes, it is AWESOME. These are boys about to advance into Boy Scouts. 10 yrs old and well, full of, LIFE :).

I will admit, a lot of the out of focus photos were taken by the scouts themselves as I was in charge of the activity and it was a way for all of them to get to know me :).

And for you techy geeks wondering how i did these diptychs and what format it is, it was shot on my new toy. A polaroid back for my Mamiya RZ Pro II. It is an Arca Swiss back and it allows you to take 2 photos on one sheet of film. Using the complete full frame. Good luck finding one. I bought mine for a MINT...

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