April 30, 2012

4 couples in 1 hour - Teaching @ BYU

Shot during my class at BYU. Showing the kids how I do "engagements". All shot on beautiful BYU campus, but shot strategically so you could not tell. Did it work? You tell me.

A big thank you to the couples who came out and braved the cold. And a bigger thank you to Alexis Dyer for finding such rad people on such short notice.


ellen said...

The first photo gives it away. Rise and shout. :)

Anonymous said...

Was the guy with the two-tone sweater a BYU-Idaho alum? I think I recognize him from school!

Sarah said...

Worked. Love em. xo

flexMD said...

wonderful photos of wonderful people.

@ellen- its funny cause they are Utes all the way! I hear its gonna be their christmas card photo!