October 12, 2011

Summer went by way too fast...

Two wishes. That summer lasted longer, like A LOT longer. And that Brion Hopkins lived closer.


Shannon Bullock said...

Love these. My favorite pictures are always some of the summer memories my family has.

Peter Ntamark said...

Hello Jonathan,
Fantastic work as usual. Your work is remarkably consistent, whether it be personal or for a client. There is no second-guessing your skill and knowledge. It was with great anticipation that I waited for your scholarship winners to be announced..I am pleased for the winners, even though my heart aches because I wasn't fortunate enough to be one of them.. I longed for it. I would have done all I could to come from the UK. In the meantime, thanks for being the mentor and teacher that you have become to many of us. Perhaps the chance will someday come again

Peter Ntamark