September 13, 2011

Ryan Tanner's New EP - Big Fat Giveaway (4 EP's, 4 FIND guides, + 4 pro packs of Kodak Ektar 100)!!!

Ryan Tanner just released a new EP. You might be asking yourself, who the crap is Ryan Tanner?


Ryan is an amazing musician (OBVIOUSLY), but he is also an amazing graphic designer (little known fact, he designed my flying camera logo), assisted me at what I consider the best wedding I ever shot (exhibit A), and is a rad photographer to boot. A father of 3, and someone who I just totally look up to. He blazes his own path and is one of the most creative people I know. He has inspired me more than he'll ever know (YOU ALL NEED THIS ALBUM - Atherton "Skyline Motel").

And for you closet Laguna Beach fans (my wife is one of those people), you might recognize his voice from THIS (he HATES when I bring that up, but hell, it's an awesome song):

Yep, if you checked out the link above, you can see that you can listen to said EP streaming on his website for FREE or buy it for $5, or whatever amount over that you choose to.

I'm actually giving away 4 copies of said EP, 4 copies of the FIND guide, and 4 pro packs of Kodak Ektar 100 today. FREE. NO. STRINGS. ATTACHED.

Why? Because, Ryan Tanner has inspired me in more ways than one to be constantly refining my vision. And now I'm giving back to you, the reader.

So with that being said, I want to hear from all of you.

What is it that you are doing to refine your vision/voice. Regardless, if you are a photographer or not, we all have our own take on what it is that we do. And I want to hear from you. And I'll even reward you for doing it! No strings attached people. NONE.

So hop on over to TWITTER and mention me (@jonathancanlas) and mention Ryan (@ryantannermusic) and let us know in 140 characters or less, what you are doing to help you refine your vision/find your voice?

The top 4 tweets will win a physical copy of Ryan's new EP. And you'll also get a FIND GUIDE and a pro pack of Ektar 100 in 120 format (hello HOLGA!).

There are no strings attached people. Just head over to Twitter and FOLLOW THE DIRECTIONS ABOVE (don't make me get all formspring-y on you :), and you could win some rad music, the guide and some film. I really want to hear from you and what you are doing.

Hopefully, this combo may help one of you find that voice we are on the constant chase of.


And if you just hate Twitter all together, and want the album, you can buy one HERE.

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