September 19, 2011

FILM IS NOT DEAD - Seattle - Day 1 - Mike and Holli

Yeah, I freaked out too. It was like it was 1997 all over again.

Shot at FILM IS NOT DEAD Seattle 1.0.

Interested in attending FILM IS NOT DEAD in 2012? Details can be found HERE. Or you can just drop me a line.


benjhaisch said...

ummm yep. first band I was ever in, we played a ton of MxPx songs. oh junior high... haha

Ryan Gladstone said...

Awesome. Definitely listened to MxPx back in the day.

Sage said...

aaaaaaah! i was so, so in love with mike! and i have to say, he's still looking pretty good.

photography by Mikki said...

Sweet. Got to photograph Mike from MXPX. Seemed like a really great guy and put on a good show. I miss those good old days of warped tour.