June 9, 2011

King Kamehameha Day (June 11th) & the biggest sale of the FIND guide ($79)

In commemoration of King Kamehameha Day (c'mon, who does not need a little more Hawaii in their life???!!!), the FIND Guide is being discounted to $79 until June 11th.

Let me repeat that.


Yeah, this is the lowest it has EVER been, or ever will be. And to be clear, that insane discount ends the night of June 11th (11:59PM EST)! So plan accordingly.

No promo codes are needed, just go to the link here :

The FIND Guide

Oh, and a special bonus...

I'm giving away some prints as well! What prints you ask? Stuff from THIS BLOG POST. Who gets a print? 30 peeps who purchase the FIND GUIDE will get an 8x10 fine art print. 10 of you who get the FIND GUIDE will get an 11x14 fine art print. And 5 of you who get the FIND GUIDE will get 16x20 fine art prints. Again, all from said blog post and snail mailed to you.

So, here is to King Kamehameha and spreading some Aloha.


Anna said...

Ahh I'd love to get a print? I'm a poor college student and can't quite afford your guide at this point, but someday!

Maryn said...
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amanda (+ mike and elle) said...

do i comment here? i hope so... & i hope you pick me! LOVE THESE PHOTOS! you went to hawaii around the same time as my hubby & i... i'd LOVE a print to remind me of that glorious place... & a glorious couples retreat!!!

Stacey Sutherland said...

Thank you for the generous discount/gift on/of the FIND GUIDE! I downloaded my copy earlier today and took it right to FedEx Office and had it printed and spiral bound, it already has some dog eared pages.

I would love to receive a print, but really I'm just super excited to work through the book.

Again Thanks So Much!


chris said...

thanks king k for the deal!

i have been holding off getting your guide to buy some film gear first but pulled the trigger yesterday and got it. Looking forward to reading it all tonight when the kids are asleep!