May 23, 2011

Hawaii on Kodak Tri-X

What better place to try out a new film then shooting some personal work on it. The last thing I'd ever want to do is test something out at a wedding before I knew exactly the results it would give me. It is one of the main reasons I shoot so much personal work, I'm perfecting my craft. And, well, I'm proud to say, this film stock will definitely be integrated into what I shoot professionally. The latitude is fantastic and the tones, as you can see, are AWESOME.


algreig said...

love anything hawaii :) these are beautiful! just picked me up some expired tri-x for <$1/roll--hope i get half as decent results!!

Matt Haines Photography said...

Is this some new formulation of Tri-X, or were you just not a fan before this? I thought you shot on Tri-X all the time. Perhaps I wasn't paying attention?

- Matt Haines