April 13, 2011

FIND Maui Winners...and a consolation prize...

Congratulations to Albert Collell (all the way from SPAIN!) and Alexis Petree for winning the 2 spots to FILM IS NOT DEAD Maui in Nov! And a big thank you for everyone who entered the contest.

And if you did not win, well, don't fret, there is a promo going on today (midnight on the 14th) for the FILM IS NOT DEAD guide on sale for $99 (normally $149).

Use the coupon code "ALOHA".

Get yours HERE.


Melinda said...

Cool! Do we get to see their 15 word responses?

Kiera said...

Wow! That is a great consolation prize. FIND would have been awesome but Hawaii is expensive to travel too. So glad I waited to get this. I missed my chance at the $89 price back in february. And for the past couple weeks I keep going to buy it and then something stops me. Now I know what it was. I just knew there would be an AWESOME deal coming.

Thank you Jonathan. I hope that I can save enough to come to FIND in Lehi next year. Just an hour away from home.