April 4, 2011

FILM IS NOT DEAD - Lahaina, Maui - Nov 14th-16th - 2 spots giveaway

So, FILM IS NOT DEAD is making one last stop in 2011. It is headed back to the rock where it all began 3 years ago. It is coming to Lahaina, Maui in November. It will be held at a private residence in Lahaina. Registration has not begun yet, because, well...


Yeah, you read right, I'm giving away 2 free spots FIRST.

How you ask?

Well, first, go HERE.

Then in 15 words or less, state why you should win one of the 2 spots up for grabs.

Contest ends on Monday 11:59PM MST.

After that, registration begins (next week Monday). This workshop is limited to only 10 people after the 2 spots are won.

So basically, 15 little words could quit possibly win you a spot worth $2000. Contest is for tuition only and winners are responsible for their own travel/accommodations.

Here is 411 on the workshop:

When: Nov 14th-16th 2011
Where: Lahaina, Maui at a private residence
WHAT : 3 days of hands-on-shoots (engagements, families, wedding couple) coupled with lectures each day. Each attendee will receive a 40 page workbook from FINAO with an accompanying DVD, which contains all topics covered during the workshop. Film provided by Kodak. Breakfast and lunch is provided all 3 days.
Cost: $1500
Topics to include: Film - who/what/when/where/why/how, Getting Published, Story-telling through Details, Loving Family Formals, Instaproofs - How it will change your life!, Making Every Event Publishable, Hands-on Flash Demo, Posing, The Power of a Blog, How to Define Your Vision and more...

All attendees receive some goodies from the fine folks over @ Instaproofs as well.

Alright, you got 1 whole week, choose your words wisely! Good luck everyone, aloha, mahalo, and I'll see 2 of you in Maui in Nov.

Again, you can enter the contest HERE.


Matt Haines Photography said...

It's a bummer that I have to let Facebook share all my personal information just to enter. Is there another way to enter this contest? Thanks.

Jonathan Canlas said...

I don't think you have to you just fill out the form which asks for your email and beat to confirm you are over 18...

Ashley said...

I'm freakin' crossing my fingers that I win!!