March 30, 2011

FILM IS NOT DEAD - Melbourne - Jaz & Nathan

Shot on day 3 of the FILM IS NOT DEAD workshop in Melbourne during the "bride and groom" shoot.

Emma Starr, who attended FIND in Melbourne this last January, just posted her testimonial to her blog which you can read HERE.

Also, if you are interested in attending FILM IS NOT DEAD in 2011, everything is sold out except for Miami which is Dec 5th-7th. There are 3 spots left for this workshop.

The 2012 dates have been announced as well. The schedule is as follows:

OREM UT @ Canle' International (my studio): April 23rd-25th
Boston MA : June 11th-13th
Chicago IL : July 16th-18th
Vancouver CANADA : Aug 13th-15th
Ibiza SPAIN : Sept 24th-26th

If you are interested in attending, just drop me a line!


Anonymous said...

Registered for Vancouver! Can't wait!

algreig said...

gorgeous couple! and although i've attended a half-day, i wish i could do a 3-day!! miami is on my birthday, hmmm...