February 16, 2011

FILM IS NOT DEAD - A digital photographer's guide to shooting film

As crazy as this sounds, I just released a book. A book you ask? Yeah, a book. It is called :

FILM IS NOT DEAD - A Digital Photographer's Guide to Shooting Film

It is not even March and there are 8 FILM IS NOT DEAD workshops sold out for 2011 with 5 spots left for the 3 day workshop in Miami in Dec.

I have my Formspring, I have my emails, and every once in a while a phone call will come in. All of them being questions about shooting film, and how to get into it, where to start, what to buy, the list goes on and on.

Now, let me preface this, I am in no way claiming in ANY WAY that I know everything. I don't. But I will say this, I know my craft. I know what the exposure is at a low lit reception within a 1/3 stop and without a light meter. I know how my film is going to react to certain lighting situations. I know all kinds of super geeky info about cameras, where to get them, how to get them on the cheap, how to make your viewfinder brighter than a leprechaun riding a unicorn over a rainbow (no joke). I know my stuff.

That being said, I also have a family, who I love, and they deserve as much time as the effort and time I put into answering questions. I cannot do 9 FILM IS NOT DEAD workshops a year. I just can't.

However, I am an open book, and I don't believe in secrets in any shape or form. I am not a rocket scientist and what I'm doing is not some kind of industry secret. It is a camera in my hand, me pushing the shutter. Simple.

So, I've created this book. There are so many people coming back to film for so many reasons. And this book is here to help and demystify what many seem a daunting task: shooting film. I want to help you shoot film.

Why? Is it because film is rad? Is it because it looks beautiful? Yes, yes, and yes. But mostly, I want to help you find your vision. Film makes you slow down. There is no spray and pray in film, unless you are Daddy Warbucks (each click costs money people). But once you do slow down, and start to hone your vision, not only will your work improve, but you will find direction in your work, more importantly, your voice. There is nothing more important to you as a photographer than your voice.

You know what is amazing about film? The thing that I'm loving the most during the last 2 months of my life? The EASE of it. Shoot, develop, have it scanned, and you are NEARLY done. There is no sitting behind a computer for days on end staring as your vision makes you see triple. Since Dec 28th, I've been to :

San Francisco
and Vegas next week

This is ALL while shooting a TON.

FILM IS AWESOME. Again, let me repeat, FILM IS AWESOME.

So, you can get this book (96 pages of design perfection, and I'm NOT kidding), by going:


PS, this PDF is on sale for $89 until Feb 23rd when it goes to the normal price of $149. Plan accordingly :)

And for the super curious, here are a couple sample pages of the 96 pages of awesomeness...

Thanks for reading, peeps. And I hope this helps you on your way, wherever it is you are headed.

Again, get your book HERE.


cbte said...

Orlando! I know what you did there!

cbte said...

Orlando! I know what you did there!

cbte said...

Also, someone I know might be ridiculously excited about your book!

Camille said...


Kia Gregory said...

You are awesome.

Ksenia said...

This is awesome! WIll it ever be a physical book?

Heidi said...

Thank you!!! I have wanted to shoot with my film camera more, but there is so much to learn...I only dream of your workshop, not really possible with 4 sweet kids that I cannot get away from, just yet. :) So, this is just perfect. just. perfect. I truly appreciate it. I cannot wait to get shooting film more often!!! :) Thank you.

Rachel said...

The reason I got this book is that Canlas is so damn candid with his formspring feed. I know from occasional browsing that he takes the time to listen to peoples' questions and advise accordingly, with only occasional sarcasm toward the inevitable slew of basic questions. I appreciate the balance of humor and honesty.

I enjoyed a quick first read this morning as inspiration before my afternoon shoot. Jonathan has a refreshing, direct, and understandable way of communicating even complicated information in a clear and concise fashion. I like how the book is laid out and will look forward to printing it to use as a reference.

Yeah, it was tough to part with my $89. And yeah, I probably don't want to listen to a Kodak Portra commercial. But the man knows his stuff and I'm looking at it this way - if I went to a workshop or presentation and jotted my own notes, they would be much less organized and interesting than this little gem.

So anyway, thanks for your respect JC - respect both for the medium, and of the hordes of photographers who have flocked to it looking for easy answers.

emma said...

You're an amazing man, Jonathan and I hope your book does tremendously well - I know it will get the love & respect it deserves! Enjoy all the extra time you get with your gorgeous family. Your enthusiasm and love for sharing is like an ongoing mentorship for me, as it is, I'm sure, for many others across the globe. Rock on!

Cindy Flood said...

I really enjoyed the book, Jonathan.

Anonymous said...

I 2nd Cindy and Rachel even though I don't know them. My personal work I shoot film but by default digital for clients. Its a great book with lots of good insight, tips, and tricks. I recommend getting it before it goes up in price. Then take and get it printed and bound. I did.