January 27, 2011

KODAK PORTRA 400 - underexposed 2 stops

Ok, so to all of you who are not photographers, this might get geeky.

This is the new Kodak Portra 400 underexposed 2 stops. So, we were driving back from Disneyland to UT and stopped outside of Vegas at the outlet stores. I decided to test this out as the fine folks from Kodak told me you could underexpose this film 2 stops.

As you can tell, this is the WORST lighting situation known to man (nasty halogens from a parking lot mixed with various tungsten lighting).

The exposure @ 400iso was 1/8th of a sec @ f2. But I shot it hand held @ 1/30th (underexposed 2 stops).

The results are unreal. No other color neg film could handle this kind of exposure. This opens up so much more at weddings in shooting in low light.

Tomorrow, I'll post my results of uderexposing 3 stops and then pushing 1 stop in the development (basically underepxosing 2 stops but introducing push).

You can get your Kodak Portra 400 film HERE.


Rob Oresteen said...

Thanks, Jonathan.

megan said...

These look great! I've taken to calling it "magic film" http://meganjoplin.blogspot.com/2011/01/magic-film.html

Camille said...

I don't know anything about the geeky stuff, but I *love* these pictures! I seriously want to frame the first one in our house. So cool looking!

Brion Hopkins said...

I don't know what you are talking about either, but how do I get in that scooter gang?

Vasco said...

Jonathan, I've been following your posts on the new Portra with interest. Just to clarify, these are underexposed 2 stops but then adjusted at scanning? Or are they straight scans? Thanks!

Simon said...

That's WITHOUT pushing!? Very impressive latitude indeed. I have a few shots of 400NC more or less underexposed, and I'm not all that happy with them.

Salvatore Di Renzo said...

I'm quite new to film.
I understood push processing basically increases iso sensitivity of entire film roll but what do you mean with underexposing without push?? How do you get the exposure back to the wanted value if not pushing??