January 13, 2011

FP-3000B - Isaac's first hand at sports

So, this was Isaac's FIRST basketball practice and game. They showed up, practiced for about 20 minutes and dove right into a game which included but was not limited to, TONS of traveling, shooting at the wrong basket, some intense defense, and little offense. The second to last shot was Isaac's first basket EVER. His second went down something like this. They passed the ball into him, he CARRIED it (sans dribbling) down to the basket, and SWISH, 2 points. But the refs called traveling. Go figure.

Definitely a proud moment in the Canlas household.


megan said...

I can just see you blasting a hair dryer at your kids game. Thanks a lot, dad!

martin said...

ahh yes. i have a picture in my house, where i look surprisingly a lot like isaac, shooting my first basket........
it was also my last basket but i thought it must've been something special because they gave me two points for it.