December 27, 2010

Sarah & Tanner - 11.13.2010 - Salt Lake City/Mill Creek UT

This must be some kind of record. 3 wedding blog posts in less than a week!

Hands down, the grandmother who was crazy dancing is my favorite guest from all of my 2010 weddings. She even danced with me a couple times and winked at me too :). It was AWESOME to say the least.

Thanks Sarah & Tanner for having me out!

You can view the whole event online and order prints HERE.

And super geeky tech info, the color shots are all shot on Kodak Portra 400 (except for the color Holgas -square images- as that was shot on Kodak Portra 800). And some of the Kodak Portra 400 is pushed to 1600, now guess which ones :).


megan said...

I'm guessing the cake shots - but only because you are indoors!

Jonathan Canlas said...

nope, that was kodak portra 800 :).

Chris Waters said...

Second ceremony outdoor shots as I can see from the decorative lights it was darkish.
But with no obvious grain it's not easy to say.

Riccis Valladares Photography said...

Never mind the techno geek details :) this is beautiful work, John.

Kip Beelman said...

Ahoy Canlé!

Great to see so much new work!

Uncle Bob has a pretty serious rig... Were you intimidated? Right.

The pushed color stuff starts at the icicle diptych and goes to the last vertical of them forehead to forehead.

megan said...

OK, I give up!

wendy g said...

These are beautiful Jonathan! It's nice to see the Kodak stuff here too.
wendy g

Ricki Ford said...

ceremony shots and the couple with there heads together.