December 15, 2010

Penrod's Barbershop - Des Moines IA

I've never wanted to get a haircut more than I did when randomly popping into this shop while shooting some personal work with Joey Early the day after the 1 day FILM IS NOT DEAD in Des Moines.

There is 1 more spots left for FILM IS NOT DEAD Columbus OH on Feb 9th. Drop me a line for the 411.

Want a print for your walls? You can view more images and order prints HERE.


megan said...

Love these!

Rob Oresteen said...

These are great. I see a lot of your interiors that look perfect, without the typical yellow from 3200 K light.

How do you do it Jonathan? I assume these were shot with Portra or 400 H daylight color neg?

Thanks, Rob

Jonathan Canlas said...

how is it done? it is called shooting on film :) no tricks to it at all. and there were NO filters on my camera.

Rob Oresteen said...

True...I've shot a few rolls myself since point is that I have seen some of your work where I would think there was tungsten light that might give off a yellow cast...I've had it before.

Just was curious...