November 11, 2010

Ruby Leilani Canlas + Lulu Briggs Canlas

There is a pocket of light in Ila & Ruby's room right around 4pm that is to die for. Obviously, Lulu and Ruby were the only ones who wanted to participate in said photo shoot/killing the end of a roll of film. Shot on my Contax 645 with +2 filters on the 80mm f/2 lens. The ones I use are HERE. Macro lenses are lame :). Shot on the ever so elusive Kodak BW400CN in 220 format. RIP.


rachel thurston said...

I was just talking about "macro" filters today!! Thanks for that link. I need to buy those pronto.

Side note. Grant and I are making baby girl name lists and the names "Ruby" and "Leilani" are both on there AND you have a daughter with both!! Great taste Canlas.

sharibug said...

Oh these pictures melt my heart. Two very beautiful girls! I cannot believe how much they have grown since I have been gone.