October 6, 2010



{Yeah, I know, I just got geeky with you about fonts...guilty as charged. But if you know me, it is so appropriate it is not even funny.}

I don't even know where to start when I talk about the word "grateful". I have so many things I am grateful for : my super-woman wife Callie, my utterly amazing 5 kids, my extended family, my friends, my assistants, my clients, you the readers...the list goes on and on and on and on and on...

I am extremely grateful for my life and all that it entails (and it entails A LOT).

That being said, today is my 35th birthday. As you read this, I am in Park City, conducting the last day of my workshop FILM IS NOT DEAD. I can not think of a better way to celebrate my birthday than to share my love of film with others.

Had you told me at the age of 19 when my dear friend, Eriko, put a Canon AE-1 in my hand in Tokyo Japan, that 16 years later this is where I'd be, I'm pretty sure you would have to have had some depends for me. I've had a lot of people ask me what your best year was, and my answer never changes. It is the current year. Each year is better than the last and I am confident that even though 2010 has been the best year of my entire life, 2011 will be even better, followed by 2012 and so on.

So, to celebrate my 35th birthday, I'm giving you the reader a present. Here is how it goes:

I'm giving 35 peeps (YEAH YOU READ RIGHT 35!!!) a 8.5x11 fine art print of their choice from this blog.

To qualify for the print you MUST do the following:

1. comment below with the EXACT image you want (you must put the link to the image in your comment. no link, no free print. and NO I won't choose it for you!)
2. if you are one of the 35 peeps (you'll have to figure that out yourself by reading through the comments), EMAIL me your address of where you want the print shipped to along with said link you put in the comment.

If you are one of the first 35 people to do the 2 things above, viola, a print will magically appear to your house, delivered by a unicorn ridden by a leprechaun.

Said prints will be mailed within 2 weeks and on your walls within 3 :).

I can't thank you all enough for reading/viewing/linking/following/perusing this blog. I truly, truly am grateful.


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jane said...

happy birthday jonathan!

(the one on the porch)

hope i win the 8 1/2x11 print & if i do:

my address is:
jane boyer moore
301 mission street 15 H
san francisco, ca

Janna said...

http://canlasphotography.blogspot.com/2010/09/california-native-americans.html I love the one of the huts in black and white. Love.

Lindsey Orton said...

How exciting! Happy birthday! I would love the second shot of NYC here: http://canlasphotography.blogspot.com/2010/09/2-views-of-nyc.html. Thanks for always sharing the most inspiring images!

Anne said...

Happy birthday!!

My husband just went here: http://jonathancanlasphotography.com/blog/oct2nd/2.jpg for the first time on Friday, and I know he would love to have a reminder of that lovely place.

Blake said...

the bottom one of the brooklyn bridge. love it :) and happy birthday jon!

Blake said...


the bottom one of the bridge. Thanks! and Happy Birthday jon!

jane said...


on back porch w/ sunset going down,,
don't know how to do direct link to that exact PHOTO

Courtney B said...

I would LOVE the one of the ocean & sky at the VERY bottom of this post.


hope that works for a link, wasn't sure how else to do it!

alex said...

Happy Birthday!


I love the photo with the cotton candy stand!

I would actually be happy with any of your prints. You are an amazing photographer! Thanks so much!

tEaGaN said...


Kjrsten said...

DUDE! I want this print:

like you dont even know. When I was a little girl we lived in a beach house right on the puget sound, and a seagull would come tapping on my our sliding glass door every morning for his breakfast (bread) we named him Bob. this photo reminds me of our pet seagull BOB.

Have fun today, wish I was there! FIND is BOMB!!!!

I think I am first, I am emailing you!!!!!


Unknown said...

Happy Birthday! Thank you for always sharing your knowledge and inspiring me to get out develop my OWN eye. Here's my choice - http://jonathancanlasphotography.com/blog/sept29th/1.jpg

Jenn said...

(The very last photo of the clouds)

Anna-Karina [siebaecktgern] said...

Hi! I saw this one and would love to see it in my dining room.
Thanks! Anna

Anna-Karina [siebaecktgern] said...

Shame on me! I didn't even congratulate. How ungrateful, you excited me so much. Well, I would like to apologize and say HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEAR JON!!!! Alles Gute zum Geburtstag! Hope Germany isn't a problem... ;-) Have fun today!

Candace Porter Photography said...

This is the image I would LOVE to have on my walls: http://3.bp.blogspot.com/_fHt1JYhaJAE/S-764E66XDI/AAAAAAAAnt8/sRoB9y723H4/s1600/4.jpg

Hope I'm onle of the 35!

Melanie Meik said...

I really like the photo of the salt lake temple in the Spencer & Veronica- 8.18.2010- Salt Lake City UT post. It's the first picture on the right, next to the picture outside the gates of the temple.

Ryan Timm said...

Hey Jonathan! Happy Birthday! I feel so blessed to have found your blog a year or so back. I have truly been inspired and am making my way to 100% film because of you. Can't wait for FIND Des Moines!

Here is my choice:

It is the second to last one on the page with the back-lit palm trees from your personal work on Hawaii.

Have a Happy Birthday with all the FINDERS!

Josh said...

I'm a huge fan of your work man. It's photographers like you that inspire me to get into film. Just picked up my first Holga and hope to find a medium format camera soon. Keep fighting the good fight. Happy 35th.

This is my image of choice: http://jonathancanlasphotography.com/blog/sept23rd/2.jpg

Rebecca said...

happy Birthday! I hope it is fabulous, filled with hugs, kisses, and cakes.And if I get to be one of the 35, I want this one.

Jen and her men said...

http://canlasphotography.blogspot.com/2010/10/spencer-veronica-8182010-salt-lake-city.html (the picture of the slc temple - top right). it was really hard to choose!

you are awesome! love your work. hope this is the best birthday yet :)

Rebecca said...
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Unknown said...

Happy, Happy Birthday! Thank you for being an incredible inspiration, un-bashfully open resource & generous giver. Enjoy your day of celebration!!

[http://jonathancanlasphotography.com/blog/sept17th/2.jpg on the right]

erika verginelli photography said...

Will you ship to Brazil? ;-)

Holly-girl said...

Happy Birthday, Jonathan!!! Hope you have a great celebration with your family!! Thanks for the gift, too! Here is my link:
I would like the one that is on the left side as you're looking at this diptych. Thank you!!

Heather said...

this is awesome. you are awesome. happy 35th birthday. and i totally hope i get this print: http://jonathan.instaproofs.com/buy_print.php?fav=0&type=original&col=0&id=619524&event=2764.

but knowing me, i am doing this wrong! either way...i have always wanted to see a leprechaun riding a unicorn. it doesn't happen nearly enough.

Christina said...

Hi Jon!

Happy Birthday! Love your photography!

My fav photo on this blog right now is the second image from "2 Views of NYC":

Love the way the water looks!

Dan said...

This one! http://2.bp.blogspot.com/_fHt1JYhaJAE/SRZaYgXnwdI/AAAAAAAATW4/J_NI3ZXPzPA/s1600-h/3.gif

No, wait, I mean this: http://jonathancanlasphotography.com/blog/july17th/3.jpg

samunwritten said...


Crossing my fingers I got here in time!

Ja said...

SWEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEET! I am the 1st place winner! I'm just kidding people. I'm not participating. Just wanted to give a bit shout out . . a big happy birthday to my big brother . . . who's made a big name for himself . . . and always amazes me in big ways . . . a big giver . . . a big heart . . a big inspiration . . . a big example.

Love you, Jon.

Kerry said...

Happy Birthday! What a fun way to celebrate!
Looking forward to that unicorn ridden by a leprechaun appearing with my print! ; )

Jason said...


Jason said...


ellen said...

happy birthday!!!

I love the top photo of NYC: http://canlasphotography.blogspot.com/2010/09/2-views-of-nyc.html

e. patton
1475 mass. ave. #230
lexington ma 02420

thank you!!!

Laura.R said...

I'm not sure how to leave the link...but this one, the New York skyline:

if that didn't work, it's the top pic from this post:

hope that worked! thanks a ton!

Jason said...

The print I would like...(http://jonathan.instaproofs.com/buy_print.php?event=2764&type=original&id=619644)

shann said...

OHMYGOODNESS, this is amazing. Ok the print I want is the lefthand most first picture here: http://jonathancanlasphotography.com/blog/sept21st/2.jpg (the life guard stand). I think it perfectly catches the beach vibe.

brittney perry said...


this is the hardest thing I've ever had to do...

The Ward(s) said...

This is the image I want: http://4.bp.blogspot.com/_fHt1JYhaJAE/S6j-Ga9Ee7I/AAAAAAAAmsk/QqpP8D2RzCo/s1600-h/35.jpg. I absolutely LOVE it!

Happy Birthday. I hope it's a great day for you.

Unknown said...

Oh my goodness! Is this for real? Happy 35th Birthday. I am an October baby too. I would love to have your print of the baby pineapple from your trip to Oahu. I grew up in Kailua and have a blog called the Salty Pineapple. Thanks for sharing.


Gibbons said...

Happy Birthday!!! I would LOVE this print,

Abiang Girls said...

SO EXCITED!! I'm shaking! I had to call my sister and tell her to get the pineapple! AH!! So excited!


{lizzythebotanist} said...

oh, man. i need some art on my walls-they are so bare.

i would LOVE this print:


and happy birthday! hope it's a good one.

Teresa said...

happy Birthday JC! I'm having such a wonderful time here in Park City with you, Callie and all the other amazing photographers here. I want of course I want Jordan & Sidney with puppy in sepia...

have a marvelous day!

Unknown said...

Happy Birthday!

My day gets started with a peek at your blog and a cup of coffee everyday. Thanks for being so open and sharing with us.

Love the NYC bridge image.

Reeding said...

I think your stuff is great. I loved this image. http://jonathancanlasphotography.com/blog/sept29th/2.jpg

Brad K. said...

Happy Birthday Canlas. I've enjoyed watching you "develop" into the the dude who shot my wedding 5 years ago to the photographer you are now. You deserve all the success.

Brad Knickerbocker

I'll take the car on the side of the road. (second one down)

LuckyRedHen said...

Son of a... internet it wonky, not letting me peruse your work to pick a magical print. (curses)

Michael Ririe said...


This is great! Thanks again for all you taught me.

Here is the image I want:


amysteed said...

oh count me in!

second one down on the right...the one of the piano keys.

And Happy Birthday! You do AMAZING work.

jakedavidrohde said...

Jonathan, first off, Happy Birthday! This is so generous of you, giving on your own birthday. Love the work you make and your down to earth personality and style... it is inspiring.

I would love a print of this:

http://jonathancanlasphotography.com/blog/sept21st/21.jpg (the right with the surfers...)

P.S. Have you seen the film "Helvetica"? If not, you should, it is a good watch. Or if you are really a geek, such as myself, for things like fonts, check out this special edition Blu-Ray of the movie: http://www.experimentaljetset.nl/archive/helvetica-bluray.html

Chadster said...

just when i thought you couldn't get any cooler... thanks, Jonathan!

I love your desert shots! and this one would make a nice addition to my collection.


if that one is not an option, then i would like this idaho shot.


thanks again!

Mariana said...

happy birthday!
I'm thankful for you and for everything that you're thankful for, cause those awesome people are your fuel and without them you wouldn't be the same :)

Also, happy birthday to your mom. According to mine, we shouldn't celebrate the people who are born but those who gave birth to them haha ;)

and thanks for the awesome offering! (very spicy)
I love bears, so I can't resist this pic: http://jonathancanlasphotography.com/blog/july17th/3.jpg


Carly said...

This is so generous!

I would love this one...


H.Cook said...

I love this one:


It reminds me of my wedding in Laie. Your blog is my daily eye candy- thank you for your beautiful work!

L said...

Please say I'm a number between 1 and 35?!

And if I am I would like the print of the Brooklyn Bridge.


sara, ryan, and lucy said...

You rule! What an awesome B-Day gift.


Lanthus Clark said...

Hi there, my name is Lanthus Clark and I would love to have this one: http://jonathancanlasphotography.com/blog/july10th/2.jpg

How will you know my address?

Have a great day!

Lanthus Clark said...

Hi there, my name is Lanthus Clark and I would love to have this one: http://jonathancanlasphotography.com/blog/july10th/2.jpg

How will you know my address?

Have a great day!

Elvee and Dustin said...

It's your birthday but we get the gift! Hau'oli la hanau, Jon! This would be my choice: http://1.bp.blogspot.com/_fHt1JYhaJAE/SKHmv1ses1I/AAAAAAAAPtY/qtGnnBVHIFM/s1600-h/lonetree.jpg
Aloha! ~ elvee

Unknown said...


Unknown said...

This is the most generous, nicest thing I've ever seen. You're the bomb-diggity. haha.
I love this image of the Utah State FAir.
Will that work? If not, then this one of bali.



Hayley said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! This is really kind of you! Hope you have a wonderful birthday...


LuckyRedHen said...

The Park City image (perhaps without text?) in this post http://canlasphotography.blogspot.com/2010/08/film-is-not-dead-2011-seattle-park-city.html because I LOVE that barn and have never taken a picture of it myself. I have a spot on my wall for it already :) XoxO

Emily said...

You have so many to pick from it's hard to choose! I like this one:

Unknown said...


bottom image (2nd image)

you rock

Lanthus Clark said...

Ok, so I finished reading your post and worked out that I had to send you an email with the postal address... I was just so excited about the print you see!

God bless!


Stacy Christian said...


Happy Birthday and thank you!

Unknown said...

I would LOVE this photo of New York! My husband has wanted a gorgeous photo of the city for awhile, but we hadn't found one we both liked, until now. This is fabulous!

April said...

Happy Happy Birthday!
oh yay I am first!
I would love a print of the SLC Temple, the first picture in this post:


Thanks, and again Happy Birthday!

Luis Murillo said...

I would like a print of http://jonathancanlasphotography.com/blog/sept29th/2.jpg

Chris Waters said...


Word up!
Happy bday Canlas:)

jenna said...

I just spent WAY too long looking through the blog :) I'm going with the painfully obvious choice...


I love the temple with the golden winter grass in the foreground and it's so hard to find a fantastic temple image :)

Sara*P said...

Happy Birthday, Jonathan!! May I please have this awesome tractor print?


Thank you so much! And thanks for all of the light and knowledge you put in to the world!

Emily said...


MattDJ said...

Jonathan, how does someone respond to a gesture like this...on your birthday no less? Selecting one wasn't easy (and I must have changed my mind countless times), but I would truly love to display this photograph (link below) in my home. I was born and raised in NYC, lived there 20+ years, and this represents three things that I love: the unexpected quirkiness of the Big Apple, perseverance, and your work. Keep doing what you do brother. You help define photography for what it truly is...and it's more than just something that happens in 1/100th of a second.

Photo (the one on the right): http://jonathancanlasphotography.com/blog/692010/2.jpg

M said...

Oh MY Gosh!! Are you kidding?? I am dying for:

Jessica Kettle said...


the 6th from the top left!! its one of the ferris wheel.
how cool of you to do this!

Laura said...

Happy Birthday!


Lanthus Clark said...

Oh, man! I got so carried away that I totally forgot to wish you happy birthday, so... HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Hope you have a great 35th year full of blessings and joy!


Jamie said...

Happy Birthday!

Fingers crossed I'll be lucky. I love the photos you took Sept 23 of a drive down the canyon - took my breath away.


Carly Harrison Photography said...

Happy Birthday! I'm a long time blog stalker (found you from the fab Natalie Norton), but I can't pass this up. I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE your work and it has really inspired me (even though, I must confess, I am all digital). I would LOVE to have the second shot from the 2 views of NYC: http://canlasphotography.blogspot.com/2010/09/2-views-of-nyc.html
(Couldn't get just the picture link). I went to NYC in the spring for an engagement shoot and we were unable to make it over to that bridge. Thank you for sharing your gift with us!

Kellene Maynard said...

I love your work! Happy Birthday! I'd love an 8x10 of this teepee http://jonathancanlasphotography.com/blog/sept24th/2.jpg

Kallie Brynn said...

A big happy birthday!

I would choose the second photo on this post: http://canlasphotography.blogspot.com/2010/09/fuji-gf670-drive-down-canyonend-of.html. I LOVE it and I especially love that it's not blown out. Because it's not digital. :)

Coryn said...

You're an amazing photographer! I love the site.

I love your image of Notre Dame: http://canlasphotography.blogspot.com/2008/08/notre-dame.html

Lillian said...

Happy Birthday to YOU!!! What a lovely, lovely giveaway:) I would adore a print of the kitchen utensils on the shelf seen here:
from the post "The Chocolate" from September 3. 2009 - http://canlasphotography.blogspot.com/2009/09/chocolate.html

We're in the process of do a very low-budget renovation in our kitchen and that print would be a fantastic addition!

Jessica Wilcox said...

First of all let my say HAPPY BIRTHDAY.. & your pretty AWESOME.

Personal Work, Category- California #8892_012

jax from the harmon squad said...

Happy Birthday dude! You guys better be partyin' it up in Park City today!! I would LOVE to have a print of this: http://jonathan.instaproofs.com/buy_print.php?event=2764&type=original&id=26039375
San Francisco will always be a magical place for me, thanks to you:)

emlizalmo said...

Hmmm...no WAY I am the first to comment. Surely I am hundreds down the line, but I will give it a shot anyway. Here we go:


You are cool.

Ashley said...

Hey Jonathan,

Happy Birthday. What an awesome giveaway. Thank you so much for sharing everything you do. I am a huge fan of your work, and have learned so much from you and what you've shared on your formspring and through your work.

I would love a print of the chickens here: http://jonathancanlasphotography.com/blog/sept24th/3.jpg

I'll email you my address. Thank you, and Happy Birthday!!!!

Anonymous said...

I'd love this print...


(the picture on the right)

I simply love your photography!

Unknown said...

Hopefully one of the lucky 35!

My photograph choice is:



Carolyn said...

You are so incredibly generous! Happy happy Birthday, Jon!

Since I love San Diego, I would love the second image down on the left here: http://canlasphotography.blogspot.com/2010/09/some-personal-work-in-san-diego.html (life guard station #2).

Thanks a million!

Anna said...

Woohoo! On this post, Rachael & Tyler - 5.22.2010 - Washington DC, I'd love to have the very last image of the Lincoln Memorial. Happy birthday!

Lindsey Briggs said...

Hi Jon


Here's a link to image i'd like



Katie said...

My most favorite is a picture from Bali, but I can't seem to find the post. But my next favorite was a shot from Oahu, with mainly the sky (a vertical shot) then at the bottom a bit of the ocean and shore. Beautiful. Thanks for sharing your talents!



Unknown said...

Happy Birthday Jonathan! What a great way to spend your birthday too! I love the image in this post...http://canlasphotography.blogspot.com/2010/06/fuji-gf670-lehi-v.html

Dustin said...

I would love a print of this image. http://canlasphotography.blogspot.com/2010/06/fuji-gf670-lehi-v.html

Wayne Toshikazu said...

The one on the right :)


Happy Birthday, man. The photographic world is a better place with you in it.

Trevor Christensen said...

This print because my dad works at Kennecott.

Also because I want to see this unicorn/leprechaun delivery service you speak of and inquire about shipping rates.

Rachel said...

Love the lifeguard house: http://jonathancanlasphotography.com/blog/sept21st/2.jpg

kaitlin said...


lovee your photography!

Samantha Clarke said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! And thanks for the amazing giveaway! I would love to have this print: http://4.bp.blogspot.com/_fHt1JYhaJAE/S6j-Ga9Ee7I/AAAAAAAAmsk/QqpP8D2RzCo/s1600-h/35.jpg

Karey said...

What an awesome thing to do for your birthday! I have been lurking since I heard you speak at Skip's Summer School in August. Your style and your vision are extremely inspiring!

Happy Birthday!

(And if 35 people have not yet put in their requests, I'd love to put this one up in my kitchen: http://2.bp.blogspot.com/_fHt1JYhaJAE/SxfykxthtbI/AAAAAAAAj10/1BcmeVVMKoU/s1600-h/10.jpg )

Leslie said...

Ahhh!!! pick me, pick me! I know exactly which one I would choose. Came to my mind instantly...

COWS IN SNOW from the chef john series.


And happy bday. :)

I Heart Utah said...

This is AMAZING! Here's the link to the SF pic I'd love to hang on my wall. 8th pic down on the left of the Golden Gate Bridge


Whitney Hardie said...

I can't believe I stepped away from my computer at all today!

I hope I'm one of the first 35 so I could be lucky enough to own this print of the golden gate bridge.


Happy Birthday to you and a great day for gifts to everyone else!

Scott Piner said...

And 2 days ago, I turned 36. Happy Birthday, sir!

Clouds: http://jonathancanlasphotography.com/blog/sept21st/10.jpg

Unknown said...

Wow, what a kind way to celebrate your birthday!

I went to college at UCLA and I used to enjoy studying at the Getty Museum, which is why I recognize and am partial to this picture -- http://2.bp.blogspot.com/_fHt1JYhaJAE/S85ET0HC2LI/AAAAAAAAnD0/b8794keQvfY/s1600/2.jpg

This place and this picture, to me, represent possibility and imagination. I would love to have this picture in my home.
Thank you. I am grateful for your gift :)

Unknown said...

Happy Birthday Jonathan! I am a big fan of your work and would love a print :) My choice is the one of just the seagulls in this post:(I was having issues only linking the specific photo - hopefully this works)

algreig said...

happiest birthday! i'll be joining the 35ers in a couple of months :) you've likely got your 35 comments, but if not, my choice would be from the recent ny post, my pick is the 2nd view--8 sec exp--mahalo!

Unknown said...

Serious?! No comments yet?

I would love to have an 8x10 of this image:


Thank You and Happy Birthday!

Michael Tallman said...

Happy Birthday! Love the Lehi series: http://jonathancanlasphotography.com/blog/july19th/4.jpg

gabe said...

Jon, happy birfday dude. Your work and passion are an inspiration to so many, especially us film lovers :)


I need that one ^^ sent via unicorn leprechaun fairy mail, please.

Doug Miranda said...

Happy 35th Birthday!! Your work inspires me to become a better photographer.


Thanks for the print!!

Candace Porter Photography said...

Yo, I hope my previous went through, but just in case, Feliz Cumpleanos! I would love to have this image adorne my walls: http://3.bp.blogspot.com/_fHt1JYhaJAE/S-764E66XDI/AAAAAAAAnt8/sRoB9y723H4/s1600/4.jpg

Carly McCray Photography said...

Oooooh!!! Love this one


Number 12 down, the landscape image next to the old tree.


algreig said...


veiw #2 please!


Inna K said...

wow, what a wonderful way to celebrate your own birthday! You are amazing - thank you for all you do to spread love for photography and film!! I am a big fan

I love this photo:

jborowski said...

Happy Birthday Jonathan!

I've been following your blog for awhile and absolutely love your style. I'm from Southern California, but currently going to school in Maryland so your personal shots from San Diego really resonated with me.

If I'm one of the 35 people, I'd love the second to last of your personal shots from San Diego, with the surfers silhouetted in front of the pier.


jackie said...

happy birthday! thanks for bringing light in everyday! (love this print if not up to 35 yet of mt. timp)


Kate said...


Unknown said...

Happy Birthday Jonathan!

I love this one:


Thank You!


Braxton's Mommy said...

Happy Birthday to an amazing artist who is such an inspiration to so many!
the colors are STUNNING

algreig said...


here's the exact link to my recent favorite--mahalo!

and happy birthday :)

Lauren Kay said...

Happy Birthday! But, wait! You're giving gifts to US!

I would LOVE http://jonathancanlasphotography.com/blog/oct9th/12.jpg (the one on the left with the kids on the ride).

Thank YOU!

Chung Nguyen said...



joslin said...

happy birthday!!


i lovee the one of the sky and the birds 5 from the bottom on the left side!


Noelle Reynolds Photography said...

So I tried once but I don't see my comment. SO here I try again. I want the photo of the 4 surfboards! Thanks and a big happy birthday!


sara rae said...

happy birthday!

i would love this one:


i lived in oahu and this is a beautiful shot of those beaches i miss

Anonymous said...


I love this!!
It'll match my new decor. :)

Lauryn said...

Happy birthday!!

I would like the tree print on the right: http://jonathancanlasphotography.com/blog/sept24th/13.jpg

Thanks for doing this!!

Leah said...

Happy 35! My favorite photo is the last one in this post: http://canlasphotography.blogspot.com/2010/07/san-francisco-yet-again.html

Chadster said...

happy birthday! i'm addicted to your photos – seriously.

i would actually love the third mountain photo from the top of the "Drive down the canyon/End of summer" section on this page:


you are the coolest! thanks


Stacey Sargent said...

Happy Birthday Jonathan!!! How awesome of you to give something this amazing on your birthday!!

I would love the black and white teepee (seccond one down on left) print from this post: http://canlasphotography.blogspot.com/2010/09/california-native-americans.html

I am sooo excited to be one of the 35! Emailing you my address now!

Alexis said...

Happy Birthday! This is awesome!


This is one of my favorites!

Unknown said...

Happy 35th, Canlas! I love apples and your work:


Cheers, Clayton Chase

Unknown said...

Ooo I don't know if mine made it up the first time :) I'll try again just to be safe! Happy Birthday!


LinnieBell said...

love, love, love this city bench!


happy birthday :)

Amy Rau said...

I DIG the second photo...
You're awesome.
Happy Birthday!!

Leah said...


I would love, love, LOVE a print of the image used for the Seattle workshop in the link above. It's one of the factors that pushed me out of my comfort zone to find myself attending your workshop here in Aus in the first place. Thank you Jonathan. Your generosity makes my heart burst. Can't wait to meet you and your beautiful wife :)

The Kay Family said...

Happy Happy Birthday! 35 is a big one! Hope it is great.

I'd love to have this print:


I love it!!

Natalie Baldwin Photography said...

Happy Happy Birthday!!

I'd love the first picture in the below post, of the DC temple. (I know there were more you took on other trips, but I didn't have the patience to go back that far;) Thanks!!


carol said...

Thank you! Awesome idea. Happy birthday.

http://canlasphotography.blogspot.com/2010/09/chelsea-ben-852010-salt-lake-citylehi.html (the SL temple)

Sarah said...

Happy Birthday, Jonathan! Thanks for doing this!

The "no running" picture is my favorite:

AllisonK said...

Happy Birthday! This is a beautiful birthday gift you are offering.

You have an amazing talent and I love that you are still learning.


The And Fam said...

Happy birthday, Jon!


I love the picture of the Salt Lake Temple (picture on the right)from Spencer and Veronic'a wedding on 8.18.2010.

thanks for the cool offer! Have a fab birthday with Callie and the kiddos!

Ian Bicknell said...

This is awesome! I would love a print of this one (the one on the right)!!


The And Fam said...


I love the pic of the SLC temple from Spencer and Veronica's wedding on 8.18.10. I couldn't get the exact link b/c I couldn't open that specific pic.

have a fab birthday with Callie and the kiddos!

amysteed said...

count me in!


the second one on the right. the one of the piano keys.

Happy Birthday! You do amazing work!

Doug Miranda said...



Love your work.

Michelle said...

Yay! Happy Birthday! Thanks for doing this :)


M said...

Happy Birthday! Wow, thank you. We're saving up for one of your family sessions. I love your blog.

I love all these from Santaquin, but would especially like the top one:



this is halee *as in berry* said...

Happiest of birthdays!!!

My mom has a collage of our beach vacations in her home. This would be a nice addition (third from the bottom: http://canlasphotography.blogspot.com/2010/03/oahu-hawaii.html

Or here is the direct link, not sure which you want: http://4.bp.blogspot.com/_fHt1JYhaJAE/S6j-Ga9Ee7I/AAAAAAAAmsk/QqpP8D2RzCo/s1600-h/35.jpg

Thanks again!

jkuleto said...

Happy Birthday Jonathan! I just started following your blog recently and love everything you do...you have a gift and I thank you for sharing.

If I am so lucky I would love a copy of the first picture on your Utah State Fair post - the flag and hay. I love the simplicity of the shot. Thank you so much!


taylor said...

I love this shot of Bainbridge Island from the ferry with Seattle in the background. You must have taken this when you helped shoot my wedding with Leo and I don't remember seeing it before... I'd love it!

Happy Birthday! Thanks so much!


Lucy said...

Happy birthday! Thanks for doing this. :)


Mariana said...
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editorgirl said...

I've been in love with this picture since forever (or at least March 22 when you posted it).


The post link is http://canlasphotography.blogspot.com/2010/03/nikki-brandon-salt-lake-city-12292009.html

Happy Birthday!

AllisonK said...

Happy Birthday!! This is a gesture! Thank you for sharing you talent.


Weston Colton Photo said...

Happy Birthday! I was just admiring some of your work on the wall at Slab.

The tenth image down of the big bush and mountains is so rad. http://canlasphotography.blogspot.com/2010/09/california-native-americans.html
I would love a copy.

Thanks much, and if you want to trade a print with me, let me know!

Weston Colton

Melinda said...

This is so fun! Happy Birthday!


I love the image of the surfer in the distance on the beach.

Was this taken at La Jolla shores? San Diego is my hometown :)

sasha said...

otanjobi omedetou gozaimasu!

i would absolutely love this image in my house.


the one that says "no running"

I hope you have an amazing day!

Anonymous said...

This was stressful because there are probably 100 prints I would want. And I was trying to figure it out really fast, and now it's embarrassing because I'm such a Lost nerd that I decided to go with that, among the hundreds of beautiful story-telling images, I'm going with this:


(first image)

Lainey said...


Happy birthday, man. Keep on keeping on. Thank you for being such an inspiration.

I would love to put this on my wall: http://canlasphotography.blogspot.com/2010/09/2-views-of-nyc.html
The bottom one of the Brooklyn Bridge.

Lainey said...


Happy birthday, man. Keep on keeping on. Thank you for being such an inspiration.

I would love to put this on my wall:
http://canlasphotography.blogspot.com/2010/09/2-views-of-nyc.html (the bottom one of the Brooklyn Bridge)

Guillaume said...

So hard too choose !

Happy birthday man !

aruna said...

this image stole my heart..
...just like Seattle did when I lived there. I miss it a lot and this picture is so right-on-pacific -northwest...it would be great to have this in my home to remind me of my time in seattle.

thanks and happy birthday!!

├ůsmund said...

Wow, thank you! And happy birthday!

I would love a print of this portrait: http://jonathancanlasphotography.com/blog/sept27th/27.jpg

Rachel Ashmore said...

How generous! And I have LOVED visitng your blog.


Cactus with christmas lights. I'm from AZ originally, and it captures the feel of Christmas in the desert.

Unknown said...

Yeah...I want one, I want one, I want one...

this is the one...left lower corner with their holding hands ;)


happy birthday ;)

Ryan said...

Happy birthday man! I've said it once and I'll say it again, you deserve all the success and more you've earned.

And I'd LOVE this one: http://jonathancanlasphotography.com/blog/july17th/4.jpg


david crandall said...

Happy Birthday. I would love a print of the SLC temple. My wife and I were married there three years ago, and I know she would love this.


(top right)


blair said...

Happy happy birthday to you! You have an amazing gift. Thank you for the beauty you see, and for sharing it with me.


UL said...


3rd row, right photo with a surfer

Happy Birthday!!! I think 30s are the best age so far. Kids are growing and we are making our dreams come true. My husband and I used to live in San Diego and I kick myself for never trying to surf.

Laurie Smith said...

Happy Happy Birthday! You are such a pioneer in your work - thanks so much! Thanks to you - I'm switching to film... soon.

I would love to be honored to have...


sepa said...

feliz cumpleanos, jon! i hope you're home celebrating with loved ones, and not racking up inflight drink coupons on southwest.

i'd love the clock tower shot here: http://jonathancanlasphotography.com/blog/5242010/1.jpg

geo1976 said...

Happy Birthday!!!

Here it is, after going thru page after page after page after page, etc.


Yup...CHICKENS!! Reminds me of my grandfathers farm in Puerto Rico.

Gracias and enjoy your day.

Cheryl said...

I used to live in Indonesia. Loved the rooftop view from my house.


Inward Studio said...

Happy Birthday!


Travel/VIII/Paris/5/right image of car

Thank you.

Jeri said...


Perfect! I adore this image. My husband is the graffiti cop around here...he has green paint the color of the utility boxes and repaints them the day after the hoodlums decorate. I would love to frame this for him!

Hey- there is something to be said about someone who GIVES gifts to others on their birthday. Hope it's a happy one.

Andrew said...


white barn with american flag.

Thanks and Happy Birthday!

Anonymous said...



(the bird one)

You rock all sorts of awesome!

mei said...

happy, happy birthday!

thank you for giving away your prints. i'd like to get the 2nd picture on this blog:


megan said...

Happy Birthday! I want the orange car from your Native American series: http://canlasphotography.blogspot.com/2010/09/california-native-americans.html

Brilliant! And HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!

Ang said...

Happy Happy Birthday Jon! I love all of your San Francisco personal work!

I would love a print of the view from Lombard street (looking at Coit Tower) that is in this post (7th row down):


Brendan said...

Happy Birthday man!!! Have a blast in Park City.
If I could get a print of these clouds that would be amazing.

See Ya in Seattle

iamrobyn said...

The one on the left... wow!!! Beautiful. http://jonathancanlasphotography.com/blog/sept24th/13.jpg

Angie said...

How do you even choose? I think I would narrow it down to the first photo on this page: http://canlasphotography.blogspot.com/2010/07/fuji-gw690iii-provo-canyon.html
mostly because I am a Provo native and didn't fully realize the beauty of Utah County until I moved away. This photo reminds me of home :) Happy Birthday!

Aloicoius said...

Happy birthday! Big fan of your work...


Holly F. said...

Happy birthday, Jonathan, and thanks!


It's going to be a Christmas present for my mom, a Lincoln fanatic.

chelon:) said...

happy birthday!


still waiting for you to come to austin :)

LuckyRedHen said...

I like to see what everyone picks... Karey, I LOVE that one of the apples in the basket! What a cool print for a kitchen :)

Christine said...

Happy Birthday!! What an awesome thing to do! I'd love to give this picture:http://jonathancanlasphotography.com/blog/sept22nd/6.jpg (the one on the right) to my parents, I know they'd love to have it!

Maryn said...

Happy birthday! You are my absolute FAVORITE photographer, so I am so thrilled that you are doing this. Thank you, thank you.

I would like this print:

Thank you so much! You have no idea how happy this makes me.

Hannah Mayo said...

Took me a while to find this one!

Happy Birthday!

mustacheandfriends said...

Happy Birthday dude! This is awesome of you. So many photos I love, but this is of one of my favorite places in the world:


Lexi said...

Happy Birthday! It was fun listening to you speak at WedSmith...


I heart NYC. Pic #1, please!

Julie Miller said...

Happy Birthday Jonathan! I look at your blog every day, and I absolutely love your work!
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