October 28, 2010

Des Moines Holgarized

No, "holgarized" is not a silly action run by a computer or some app on my iphone. It is Kodak E100VS shot on a modified Holga from Randy Smith over @ HolgaMods, then cross processed, and scanned on my Fuji Frontier. Straight out of camera folks. No actions, no gimmicks. Point, click, develop, scan, upload.

These were taken last week during my 1 day FIND (FILM IS NOT DEAD) workshop conducted in the amazing city known as Des Moines.

Looking to bring FIND to where you are? Drop me a line.

ALSO, I've been asked one too many times about buying prints from these blog posts. And so it begins, if you want a print, these are available for purchase HERE. Back blog posts will slowly but surely be added for purchase as well. Thanks for reading/looking.


Jaclyn Michele said...

FIND : Mackinac Island, MI! :)

J.R.Early said...

You somehow made Des Moines look more glamorous and more back country than it really is. I dont know how but bravo sir these are amazing. My house is now famous! and so is my Rollei technique.

Larry said...